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The Inclusion Support Program and Why It’s Important in Childcare

In a childcare setting, inclusion support programs can have an important role in providing children with the care they need to achieve their goals and reach their full academic potential.

By providing high-quality inclusion support, early childhood educators can help children with additional learning needs. Inclusion support programs allow children to access learning programs and opportunities fairly and equitably.

Wondering why inclusion support is so important in childcare? Here’s what you should know.

What is inclusion support?

Inclusion support programs are funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. These programs provide childcare centres and educators with the resources they need to support and include children with additional needs.

In some cases, inclusion support programs allow for extra educators to be employed, allowing educators to offer greater learning support to all children in a centre environment. This helps to ensure that all children have fair access to education and opportunity.

What does inclusion support offer?

An inclusion support program can include a range of supports that allow educators to provide quality education and care to children in a childcare environment.

Often, inclusion support programs allow centres to employ additional teaching staff, sometimes including staff with specialised training to support children with additional needs.

Inclusion support funding may also help centres purchase new equipment and resources to help include children in learning and centre activities. This may include specific teaching tools or items to help meet adaptation requirements.

It’s important to note that inclusion support isn’t just about helping children with additional needs. Usually, inclusion support educators work as a team to support all children while ensuring that children with high support needs are able to participate in learning programs alongside their peers.

How is inclusion support helpful?

Inclusion support is an important part of building diverse, inclusive, and equitable approaches to education, in early childhood and beyond.

By providing effective inclusion support, childcare centres and the educators who staff them are able to support all children, regardless of their learning styles or needs.

In the early years, inclusion support programs can help to provide children with a strong educational foundation, fighting against exclusion and inequality and promoting school readiness.

This means that children can make the most of excellent educational programs, accessing the support they need to achieve their full potential and develop important social, emotional, and academic skills.

Does every centre offer inclusion support?

Inclusion support is not available at every childcare centre, but all centres have access to inclusion funding from the Australian Government.

While your chosen childcare centre may not have an existing inclusion support program in place, it’s always worth discussing the potential for support to be offered with the centre director. In many cases, centres can apply for inclusion support funding when needed to help a child at the centre.

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